Price: $1,000

State: Washington
City: Seattle
Zip code: 98195
Type: Pets

This little ball of fluff is a traditional shaded golden Persian. He is the utmost best kitten I've ever seen. His personality is amazing, he loves to play and snuggle, I hear him purr from across the room, never have I ever seen a more affectionate or socialized kitten.
He is neutered, 100% liter box trained, all shots and worming's up-to-date and was vet checked with no known health issues. He was born 4/16/. I will include his cat tree, scratching post, pet carrier, bed, toys, liter box (with new liter), food, NuVet vitamins, bowls, all the essentials you will need for him. I am very upset at having to re-home this amazing kitten, but I will not let him suffer in a house where my dog has a very high prey drive, I refuse to put his life in danger and I really thought I could have trainers work with my dog, but have come to find out that this relationship is not going to work and this kitten deserves a stress free home where he can roam about without any worry in the world.
He purrs ALL the time, he loves being held and snuggled. One of the best kittens I have ever encountered, he will be about 8lbs when he is full grown, he is known as a teacup Persian. The price includes everything I have listed in this ad (and is listed way under the price he actually should be), and it is also to ensure this kitten goes to the best possible home, I will not let this amazing guy be put into a shelter, and he needs to be an indoor cat only, no exceptions.
If you think dreamy kitten is meant to be in your furever home please text, email, or call with any questions, or additional photos. 971-258-