Price: $4,000

State: Washington
City: Seattle
Zip code: 98114
Type: Pets

"Emma" is over two years old and has given us two litters of puppies. She has her health tests, OFA hips, OFA elbows, (prelim), CERF eyes, and is current on all her shots. Emma is an F1 labradoodle and does have some shedding (not much), but her puppies were F1B puppies with non-shedding coats.
Emma has an excellent, very personable personality, loves to fetch, is a good watch dog on our farm, is 100% reliable around children, follows her "pack leader", and is a wonderful, sweet family dog. We are experienced breeders and I can tell you that Emma is the kind of mama dog you want out there in the world, making more puppies! She is a big girl, around 60lbs, does well on a leash, and you will feel safe when you have Emma on a walk with you!
Emma's daddy is a working bird hunting dog, and this has produced an excellent "bird" instinct in her. This is also the reason we would like her to find a new home, she is not compatible with our free rangin' chickens, and we will not keep her in a kennel her whole life. She has absolutely no issues with aggression, running away, getting along with other dogs, no breeding issues, is an excellent mother, and has given us wonderful babies. We just feel she needs to be with another breeder.
Emma is an athletic dog and will not be sold to a breeder who uses kennels. She is a social, family dog and needs a family to love her. (Crate at night is fine). If in the city, she needs a big, secure back yard to move around in. We are asking what we feel is a fair price for Emma (she has given us a total of 16 puppies that averaged over $ each at sale, so she is an income producer!) If you are new to breeding this a proven mama, who will be ready to breed in a few months, and more than pay for herself with her first litter.
Please let us know if you think you would be a good fit for Emma. Located near Spokane.